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Rental of Line Array Speakers - Excellent sound technology

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Sound is a necessary demand of most of events, because sound is information transmiting way, contribute to the success of event. Each event has a different demand. Especially in big events or outdoor events, if those events do not have a good enough sound system, the program cannot be successful. Understanding that importance, DanangEvents has invested billions of Vietnam dong for Line Array speaker system, provide for customers the most modern sound, serve for stages accomodating up to 15.000 people.
Basically, the Line Array is a speaker system assembled into an array, which can adjust the frequency to fit audience area, create a wide angle of sound when hooked up, able to transmit sound far away, specially reduce much installation time.

LF rated power: 1000W RMS
LF program power: 2000W
MF rated power: 600 W RMS
MF program power: 1200 W
HF rated power: 160 W RMS
HF program power: 320 W
Components: 2x12"LF Neo, 4x 6.5"MF Neo
3x1.75"HF Neo (BMS4552ND)
Connections: 2x Speakon-socket(8-pin)
Rated Maximum SPL(1m): 132dB peak, @1m
Rated Maximum SPL(1m): 129dB peak, @1m
Rated Maximum SPL(1m): 133dB peak, @1m
Impedance: LF 2x8Ohms/MF 8 Ohms/ HF 24 Ohms
Frequency range: 55Hz ~ 20KHz
Dispersion angle(1 KHz): 90° X 10° (V x H)
LF Sensitivity(1W/m): 105dB
MF Sensitivity(1W/m): 104dB
HF Sensitivity(1W/m): 115dB
Weight: 68Kg

Advantages of Line Array:
Line Array speakers has many excellent advantages
+ The most obvious advantage is neat, convenient and modern design, increase the aesthetics of space. You can set up a high 8m column with 16 small speakers instead of 18-20m before
This design make the speakers to be easy to set up, hang, remove, adjust angle. Bright sound, not be mixed, not be broken, wide, be suitable for large space
+ The second advantage is the simplification of wire system, whether in the hall or outdoors. Some of the products like the DMX CLA Xi10 that have built-in power, no need many amplifiers or speakers... That makes the set be more much neat.
+ Another advantage is easy to customize, control the sound system. Modern Line Array speakers integrates crossover, or connect to Digital Mixer which customize audio by control software on computer. You can save adjusted configuration, for customizing sound quality in similar situations.

Installation method
The Array loudspeaker system is capable of transmitting further sound without affect the audience near the speakers, because the sound pressure of the speaker system is reduced to only 3dB/ twice the distance. Array can be installed in two different ways: on the stage floor as normal speakers or hanging up. Hanging up is the strength of Array speakers when working on a large stage or an outdoor stage.
For indoor stages, thanks to the easy adjustment of the speaker angle, the user can calculate and control the loudspeaker's sound area. Thereby, you can direct the sound to focus on the audience area without reducing quality. This also limits the reverberations from the wall.
It can be said that the Line Array is used in a lot of sound space such as a hall, an indoor stage, performance system, an outdoor event ... and is becoming the trend of the current speaker.

For more information and get advice on audio solutions for your space, call DanangEvents on 0913.186.829 or 0903.248.618

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