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Company establishment anniversary is the opportunity for the company to review its operation since its inception. This is also an occasion to pay the gratitude to customers and partners and tribute to the company's employees for building up the company

Company establishment anniversary includes the following steps:

  1. Determine the theme of the ceremony

Determining the theme for the ceremony will give you an idea of ​​how to plan and how to proceed from inviting guests, decoration to the organizing venue. Theme selection can be based on the number of years of establishment, the identity color of the company ...

  1. Planning up scripts

After identifying the theme of the ceremony you must write script for the show. First you outline the preliminary script then more details and discuss to come up with the finalize content.

  1. Select the venue

The location of the meeting should be in line with the requirements of the company in terms of content, style, meaning .... You should also prepare the design of the venue, in particularly such as the location of the podium, the arrangement of feast area, tables of investors and partners.

  1. Time to hold the anniversary

The date must be determined when planning the anniversary. You should arrange a reasonable time for the preparation of the program, rehearsal, the implementation, the opening, the time of the ceremony, the representative of the speech, the award, celebration protocol and party.


       5.Send invitation

After having final agenda, you proceed to send invitations according to the prepared guest list. (Please note that the invitation should mention the theme of your party is aiming therefore the guests cannot be misinformation)

You should also send invitations to employees even they are regularly meet, so they will be informed how important this ceremony is to the company. You can send directly to employees during the working day. In case in large companies, many employees, many affiliates you can email them.

In addition, we highly recommend to send the invitation at least 3 weeks in advance so that everyone has time to prepare.


  1. Prepare all needed items and food for the party

Items to be prepared include: banner, medal or certificate, gifts, drinks for guests ....

The feast parties are interesting but also very complex. Make sure that the food is suitable for dietitians or food allergies. You should organize a buffet with a variety of dishes so guests can choose the food that they can eat.

The equipment of sound, lighting, seats, flowers, back drop stage ... should be supplied by the event agency.


  1. Rehearsal

The pre-event review should takes place one or two days in advance to the running-day in order to ensure that the activity schedule and content of the ceremony are in line with the plan you have set.

The above advices are the most basic process, but in practical excecution, we will encounter many difficulties such as:

- The script is sketchy, familiar, lack of innovation and attraction

- The selected venue does not match the scale and purpose of the event

- Event staffing is inexperienced and suffer difficulty in dealing with unexpected incident situations.

- Additional costs incurred



Therefore, to ensure the success of great event, let Danang Events helps you with effective solutions. We have over 10 years of experience in organizing the company establishment anniversary with such typical partners as: EVA DE EVA; TOTO; FUTU, VIETCOMBANK, HUD3 ...


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